Clear Crystal

Clear direct dye diluter 

Color Mask Art Clear Crystal is a gel-based, colorless diluter that can be used alone to add shine or by mixing it with a another Color Mask Art shade to dilute its intensity and to create pastel shades. The more Clear Crystal you add to a color mix, the more translucent, pastel-like and lighter the result will be.



Wash the hair. Do not use a conditioner. When applying on porous and bleached hair, test the suitability of the shade beforehand on an invisible spot. Apply evenly to towel dried or dry hair and comb through with a large-toothed comb. Leave in for 15–30 minutes depending on the desired intensity and longevity. After the processing time rinse hair carefully with plenty of cool water. Use a conditioner if needed. NOTE! Wear protective gloves and avoid applying the color on skin. Remove jewelry and procect clothing. Use a dark towel.

Size 120 ml